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Dr. Sydney Bradley

Senior Professor of Counseling


Dr. Bradley joined the Gordon-Conwell faculty in 1997 following service as Administrator and Psychologist at Advent Christian Village in Dowling Park, Florida, a counseling center, retirement center and facility for at-risk children. At Advent Christian Village he also founded and served as Executive Director of the Child and Family Enrichment Center, and developed and directed the REACH Resource Center, a consultation service to assist pastors in counseling their parishioners. In addition, he served on the faculty of the University of Florida Medical School where he was Director of Group and Family Therapy, and has been a pastor in four Advent Christian Churches in Maine and Florida. He is an ordained minister in the Advent Christian General Conference. Dr. Bradley is a Licensed Psychologist and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Florida and North Carolina, a member of the American Psychological Association, as well as a clinical member and an approved supervisor in the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy. His specialties include evaluation and counseling of pastors and cross-cultural missionaries, and he served for 27 years as Psychological Consultant and Principal Evaluator for World Missions of the Advent Christian General Conference.


  • B.A. (Berkshire Christian College)
  • M.S.W. (University of Georgia)
  • Specialist in Education, Ph.D. (University of Florida)

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