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Dr. Pablo Polischuk

George F. Bennett Professor of Pastoral Counseling and Psychology


Dr. Polischuk brings a wealth of knowledge as an experienced teacher, a practicing psychologist and an active minister.

Dr. Polischuk teaches as a visiting professor at the Israel College of the Bible; he was an instructor in psychology at Harvard Medical School, and an associate in psychology at the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. He also served as an adjunct professor at Southern California College and Fuller Theological Seminary. He has led numerous workshops on a wide variety of psychological and church-related topics, not only in the U.S., but also abroad.

As a practicing psychologist, Dr. Polischuk is in private practice at the Willowdale Center in South Hamilton, MA. In the past, he worked as Chief Psychologist for the Chelsea Health Center at Massachusetts General Hospital. He also spent time in private practice in Glendale, CA, and has provided consulting services to Karen Or, a non-profit counseling center in Jerusalem. Most recently, Dr. Polischuk has been involved in psychological research and he, along with Gordon-Conwell professors Dr. Karen Mason and Dr. Ray Pendleton, received a Lilly Theological Research Grant for their project Protestant Clergy Referral of Suicidal Persons.

Dr. Polischuk has also spent many years working actively in church ministry. An ordained minister in the Assemblies of God, he has preached at diverse Spanish and Anglo speaking churches. He was the senior pastor of Templo Calvario in San Francisco, and also served as interim pastor at several New England churches, including Park Street Church in Boston. At the present, he is the interim pastor at Union Congregational Church in Magnolia, MA.

Dr. Polischuk’s scholarly interests include the new covenant as a paradigm for relations, from dialogical self to trialogical considerations grounded in a Trinitarian/relational God, and integration in psychology/theology.

His personal interests include oil painting, skiing and the acoustic guitar.


  • B.A. (University of California, Berkeley)
  • M.A. (San Francisco State University)
  • M.A., Ph.D. (Fuller Theological Seminary)


  • La Depresión y su Tratamiento (Depression and Its Treatment (Editorial Clie, 1992)
  • El Consejo Terapéutico (Therapeutic Counseling, Editorial Clie, 1994)
  • Poniendo los Puntos Sobre las íes: Consideraciones Acerca del Liderazgo de Grupos (Dotting the I’s: Considerations on Group Leadership, Editorial Vida/Zondervan, 1997)
  • Llamemos las cosas por su nombre (Let Us Call Things by Name, Editorial Vida/Zondervan, 2006)
  • A Metacognitive Perspective on Internal Dialogues and Rhetoric: Derived from the Details of the Prodigal Son’s Parable (Journal of Psychology and Theology. (43) 60–72., 2015
  • Mason, K. E., Polischuk, P., Pendleton, R., Bousa, E., Good, R. & Wines, J. Clergy referral of suicidal individuals: A qualitative study. Journal of Pastoral Care and Counseling, (65) 3., 2011
  • El Consejo Integral (Integrative Counseling, in Spanish) (Create Space, 2014)
  • (Following the Loving and Faithful Steps of God: Biblical and Psychological Principles Applicable to Intimate Relations in Marriage and the Church –in Ukrainian) (Ostroh Academy National University, Ostroh, Ukraine, 2015)

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