World Vision Fellows Scholarship Information

World Vision Fellows are paid positions dedicated to promoting awareness, as well as generating interest and engagement in the kinds of issues being addressed by World Vision and similar organizations, namely the fight to reduce hunger, poverty and injustice around the globe as a part of a commitment to Christ and his gospel. World Vision Fellows are mentored and overseen by the Assistant Director of Student Life/International Advisor at Gordon-Conwell. These fellowships are awarded to students through an application process each March. Application information may be found using the link at the bottom of this page. There are normally two scholarships available each school year.

The World Vision Fellows Program is named in appreciation of grants provided by World Vision to Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary for the purpose of advancing awareness, knowledge and engagement in the kinds of issues World Vision address through their work. As a Christian humanitarian nonprofit, their vision and mission is to build a better world for children by tackling the causes of global injustice as a reflection of and a commitment to the gospel of Jesus Christ. The program exists for students who are called to ministry in the local church and who are committed to promoting greater Christian involvement in the problems of global hunger and poverty, providing them with the opportunity to demonstrate and develop advocacy skills and to contribute to the shaping of Christian community at Gordon-Conwell and beyond in ways that reflect a holistic understanding of the gospel of Christ. The following policies and procedures apply to the program:


Those eligible to serve as World Vision Fellows must be students in good standing, not on academic probation or under discipline by the Pastoral Guidance Committee, and must enroll for at least one credit course toward a degree in the semester in which service as a World Vision Fellows is rendered. Graduates of Gordon-Conwell are not normally eligible to hold a position unless they are pursuing a second degree and are enrolled in courses accordingly.

Normally, World Vision Fellows are students who have completed at least one year of studies at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary and who have demonstrated both academic competence and significant local church involvement.

Time of Service

World Vision Fellows serve for 60 hours per semester. The typical length of service for a World Vision Fellow is both the fall and spring semesters of the academic year. Occasionally, a World Vision Fellow may serve for one semester, but only upon request of the selection committee. No provision is made for summer work.


World Vision Fellows work together under the supervision of the Assistant Director of Student Life/International Student Advisor and in collaboration with the Dean of Students, the Justice Student Association, the Wilson Center for World Missions and other student organizations to promote awareness and generate interest and engagement in the combating global hunger, poverty and injustice. Normal responsibilities would include the organization of and participation in a that group that meets regularly (e.g., biweekly) for discussion, planning and/or advocacy and the planning of several events and initiatives each year to bring greater attention to and involvement in these issues to the Hamilton campus of Gordon-Conwell with a view to maximizing the impact on people and churches that will be pastored by Gordon-Conwell alumni in the future. Participation in the planning of Justice Week at GCTS. Regular meetings with the staff mentor and a monthly report of activities are also expected as well as occasional communication with our World Vision liaison, as requested. The particular events and initiatives will be agreed upon by the fellows and their staff mentor each year. 


World Vision Fellows are paid $800 per semester. The stipend is considered income for service rendered, and as such is subject to state and federal income tax deductions. The payroll department of the seminary handles the stipends. Checks are issued to the recipients at the mid-point in each semester.

Selection Process

World Vision Fellows are selected by a committee which is normally composed of the Dean of Students and the Assistant Director of Student Life/International Advisor, in consultation with the Dean of the Hamilton Campus, any current World Vision Fellows and our World Vision liaison. Students are encouraged to speak directly with the Dean of Students to make known their interest in being a World Vision Fellow. The committee may also approach a particular student and encourage him or her to apply to be a World Vision Fellow.

Application forms are available below and are to be submitted to the Dean of Students by the 8th of April. Official notification of selection as a World Vision Fellow will be sent by the Assistant Director of Student Life/International Advisor to the student(s) selected before the end of the spring semester proceeding the year of service. Those who apply but are not selected will also be notified of their status at that time.

All questions regarding the World Vision Fellows Program may be directed to the Dean of Students at [email protected]