Meet the Team!


Dr. David A. Currie, Dean                                                 978-646-4176 | [email protected]

Bridget Erickson, Director of Operations                          978-646-4132  | [email protected]

Alex Ahn, Logistics Coordinator                                         978-646-4183  | [email protected]

Dottie Guild, Travel & Expense Coordinator                      978-646-4304  | [email protected]

The Doctor of Ministry Program                                      1-800-816-1837  |

Sara Coons, Admissions & Marketing Manager      978-646-4163 | [email protected]

The Hispanic Ministries Program                                     978-646-4128  |

Pablo Jiménez, Associate Dean                              978-646-4142 | [email protected]

Ivette Garcia, Program & Admissions Manager       978-646-4302 | [email protected]

The Shoemaker Center for Church Renewal                   1-800-294-2774 |

Susanne Royer McCarron, Manager                        978-646-4145 | [email protected]

The Haddon W. Robinson Center for Preaching                            [email protected]

DMINOI Office Assistants             [email protected] | [email protected]

Technology Support Team                            

  • Contact IT with questions about username/password, student portal access issues, and your access issues

Student Accounts             978-646-4011 [email protected] | [email protected].

  • Contact Student Accounts with questions about paying your bill and payment plan options