Fall 2019 New Student Orientation

Please check back for details later this year!

While some sessions may change, you can generally expect the following elements to be part of your New Student Orientation experience:

  • Pig Pickin’ (lunch with faculty and staff)
  • Degree Advising (digital or on-campus)
  • Partnership Program Training
  • Spiritual Formation while in seminary
  • International Student Orientation

Online New Student Orientation

The Online New Student Orientation is available to matriculated students to begin working through the modules. These modules review technology tools, registration and financial services, degree programs, and library resources. Visit GCTS Canvas to get started. While this course is self-paced, students must complete it by the start of the Spring 2019 semester. It should take no more than five hours total.

Orientation and Klipowicz Integrative Event

Students beginning their studies in 2019 are invited to join us for the Fall 2019 New Student Orientation and Klipowicz Integrative Event held in August 2019.

If you have any questions, please contact Charlotte Admissions.

Digital Live

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